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What Makes Me Want to Be a Blogger?

“I’m going after the life that I pray for... period.”


It is not uncommon for people to feel drawn to specific things in life.

Sometimes, we simply seem to be born with certain inclinations and tendencies, naturally gravitating toward one thing or another. In other situations, passions evolve in us over the course of timeusually months, years. And there is an undeniable solace we find in these passions. In a sense, they become our “home.”

One could spend hours analyzing how this came to be. Maybe it was our environments. Maybe we were just born with it (thanks, Maybelline).

The answer to this unarguably varies from person to person, but regardless, we must focus on embracing the things that produce pure, genuine joy in us. That give us purpose

For as long as I can remember, everything I ever felt pulled toward had one thing in common: creativity.

You can ask my mom. Boy, did I love stickers and painting and drawing when I was a kid. And singing. I had a little band with my friends where we made TERRIBLE music. As I got older, I began to write more, lavishly exploring the written word. The number of times I exceeded the word count for school assignments was ridiculous, yet I couldn’t refrain from seeing my ideas through to completion, from pouring my thoughts out on paper. Even if it meant tacking on an extra three pages.

The worst was when I wrote a 30-page paper when the assignment called for six. Yikes.

Over the years, I explored music in the form of piano and guitar. I sang. I sculpted. I took photographs. I wrote stories and poetry. I did theater. I cooked. I painted. I made jewelry. I explored art.

And I enjoyed every damn second.

And that is the premise of my blog, From Farrah: exploring the art in our everyday lives. Taking something mundane, repetitive, and possibly even uninteresting, and recognizing the value in it.

Art exists in the small ways. It exists in the big ways. It surrounds youthe home you decorated, the outfit you chose, the meal you prepared for dinner, the way you expressed your love for someone in a letter.

It really doesn’t take a magnifying glass to find creativity in almost all that you do.

What this blog means for me is that, after years of creative endeavors choosing me, I’m finally choosing them.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso


Larger Direction

Realistically, my intention is not always to be this heavy with my blog.

I appreciate a good dive in the deep end and then some wading in the shallows. In no shape or sense do I expect the majority of my published content to be groundbreaking. I simply aspire to inspire, the same way so many other blogs have inspired me.

I hope to reach an audience within, and potentially even outside of, my niche and arouse a sense of community on my website. For all the negatives that exist with technology, one of the best pros is the sense of belonging it has offered many people. Getting to hear from and reach out to like-minded people, as well as learn more about the things you enjoy, is a great feeling. It’s growth. And connection.

I hope to foster connections.

Furthermore, while first and foremost I do this for myself, I also aspire to make a living from my blog, and anywhere it may lead. As much as I love to praise the fun of it, it is still work for me.

I decided to give the whole “do what you love” thing a shot.

Like any career, in order for it to succeed, I have to treat it like a jobat least to a certain extent. I need to funnel my time and energy into it. Ideally, it flourishes as a result.

Beyond this, there are a plethora of directions that this blog could point me in if I assign it my wholehearted dedication. Successful bloggers create courses and books. They create their own online shops. They get to tour the world. Some make podcasts. Some venture onto YouTube, which opens brand new doors.

The point is, as with many adventures in life, that first leap you takewhile maybe seeming gargantuan all on its ownmay truly be only the first in a series of steps that lead you somewhere great.

When I look forward, there is one big thing I see shining bright, making me want to do this: family.

This is not only the lifestyle I want for me but for my family, as well. I want the freedom that being self-employed would award me so that I may be very present in the lives of the future children I pray for. There is no one right way to be a parent and take care of a family, but I have always felt that this path would be the right one for me.

And what else is there to it, really?

“As for my girls, I’ll raise them to think they breathe fire.” -Jessica Kirkland


Until next time...

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