The F.A.R.R.A.H. Reviews... What Are They?

I’m a natural-born foodie.

No joke. A month or so ago, I viewed some old camcorder recordings that my mom transferred to a VHS tape (remember those?!) years ago, and there are some hilarious clips of me encountering food—shoveling noodles in my mouth with my bare hands, hogging a bowl of cereal that Farris and I were supposed to share. . .

This love of food has followed me to this day. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m such a foodie. My mom gets a major chuckle out of my hangry complaints, which probably happen more often than I’d like to admit! (Yikes)

Before you finish your thought—I know, I know. Who doesn’t love food? Am I just preaching to the choir? It’s almost like adoring food and wanting to eat forever and ever is a TREND of sorts nowadays. We share memes about it, watch YouTube videos of people just chatting and eating. . . Hey, no judgement from me!

The history of my culinary passions

It isn’t just food itself I love; it's also the process of cooking and creating it. Everyone might like food, but not everyone likes making it.

I've loved to cook since I was a five-year-old girl with an Easy Bake Oven.

Oh, the dear memories I hold of popping single cookies and little circular tins of cake onto the Easy Bake Oven’s conveyor belt, all so that a LIGHT BULB would cook it. The feeling of pride and satisfaction I received when I saw my cooked creation come out the other side made me feel accomplished and adult-like.

When I got older, I would watch hours upon hours of cooking videos on YouTube—everything from the basics to extravagant dishes. I used to bring cookbooks to sleepovers to read as though they were novels (probably why I stopped getting invited—HA!). I took some culinary courses in high school and enjoyed every minute of them.

I also lived on my own for years, and I cooked for myself almost daily instead of spending money eating out at restaurants or picking up fast-food. This gave me the opportunity to experiment with ingredients and have fun making a variety of dishes.

I genuinely enjoy learning about cooking processes and techniques, about which ingredients pair best with others, discovering different ethnic styles. . .

And of course, the culinary world is just another prime example of how creativity can manifest in our everyday lives, which is what my blog is all about. The act of cooking is the process; the finished, consumable product is the reward.

The best part? We get to gobble it up afterwards.

Cooking is nothing short of a wonderful art-form.

So. . . What ARE the "F.A.R.R.A.H. Reviews" anyway???

The "F.A.R.R.A.H. Reviews" is my way of, well, reviewing restaurants. (Duh, right?)

They are formatted so that I may critique my experience at a restaurant

  1. based on aspects of dining with the most significance to me.

  2. via a consistent method.