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The Keto Box Unboxing & Impressions | September 2020

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase a product I link to, I may receive a small commission at NO additional cost to you!

I really want to talk about our overall opinions of The Keto Box as a whole now that we’ve reached our 3-month reevaluation point in our subscription, but I feel that would be a disservice to the middle month I missed back in September.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it (so that I can then write one for October’s box!).


1. Proudly Pure's Peanut Butter Keto Cookies

With these peanut butter cookies, we found that the texture and size were fine but that there was a HUGE lack of flavor. I’m not exaggerating; if you had blindfolded me, I would not have known these were peanut butter flavored… They weren’t sweet, not salty. 😞 Plus 4 cookies did not seem worth 140 calories. Big thumbs down.

Retail Value: $4.33

2. PÖRQ's Smoky Black Pepper & Sea Salt Pork Rinds

My first thought? “More pork rinds?” This was the second month in a row to receive such a specific snackand maybe I’m just biased because we don’t eat pork for religious reasons, but I like variety.

We asked Anita, Thomas’s mother who was staying with us at the time, what she thought of these pork rinds. She said they had good flavor! Nice, airy, and the pepper gave a spicy aftertaste.

Retail Value: $4.79

3. SunYum's Garlic Sunflower Seed Dip & Spread

I used celery to dip in this sunflower seed dip, and my mom used keto bread. It looked like hummus but more liquidy. It kind of tasted like hummus too. It had a bit of a tang, which turned out to be nice. Mom loved this one. She said it was a very versatile productsomething she could use in a salad, keto bread, on top of chicken, etc. She would buy it if she saw it on the shelves at the grocery store. Best part? Only 1 carb per serving. Big thumbs up!!

Retail Value: $3.74

4. Wonderful's Pistachios

What a cop-out of a product! Really? Reminded me of the whole beef stick situation but even worse because these were just regular ol’ pistachio nuts. No additional flavor, not a unique brand, nothing. At least when we received macadamia nuts in August, those were a nut of higher value. Wasn’t impressed when I saw this. A customer wants new, exciting productsnot something they see at a gas station checkout.

Retail Value: $0.67

5. Intakt's Spicy Crunchy Cheese

The smoked flavor in this crunchy cheese snack was really nice. These had an interesting hardnessless crunchy that a dried corn kernel but more than Cheeto Puffs. I was surprised that my mom liked the spiciness of these. She said they made a nice travel snack.

Retail Value: $2.67

6. Iota's Umami Roasted Sunflower Kernels

The advertised taste of these sunflower seeds didn't shine through a ton, but they were tasty. Again, kinda basic. But not like the pistachios because these were at least flavored.

Retail Value: $2.59

7. Top Seedz's 6 Seed Crackers

So we ended up trying this with that hummus-adjacent garlic spread from I talked about earlier, and BOY was it delicious. Normally these wouldn't be my thing, but these seed crackers were loaded with flavor and contained the perfect amount of salt. Honestly, I would put the crackers and spread out for any crowdketo or not.

My mom did point out that while delicious they certainly were, they are not very low carb. There are 11 carbs (minus 3 for fiber so only 8 carbs are considered) per 6 crackers. That’s a LOT.

Retail Value: $7.99

8. FireCreek's Original Beef & Pork Stick

This was another thing we couldn’t try. However, even if we could’ve, it would still be annoying to get another meat stick for the second month in a row. I’m not a fan of repeat items like thesenot when you’re paying $40 for a box.

Anita did try this beef & pork stick and said it was good, basic, would prefer jerky.

Retail Value: $2.04

9. Hilo Life's Piece-A-Pizza Cheese & Walnuts

The advertisement on the packaging of this was cute. The pizza flavor of this cheese & walnut snack definitely came through, and it was very tasty! I would easily snack on these.

Retail Value: $2.50

10. Heka Good's Chocolate Sea Salt Bar

This chocolate bar had a fudgy texture, yet it could break (without a snap). The carb count on this bar was confusing and made my mom question whether or not it was truly keto-friendly. On the back it said there were 26g of carbs, yet the front said 2g NET carbs. When I looked it up, this was what the website explained: “26G Carbs - 7G Fiber - 4G Erythritol - 13G Allulose = 2G Net carb”

So if this is true and still healthy, it’s a great keto product! Plus it has a high amount of protein! As for taste, it was rich in cocoa and had a big salt punch. Scrumptious.

Retail Value: $3.25

11. Kitu's Mocha Super Coffee

Mom thought this coffee drink was yummy. (Hard to find a coffee product Mom says isn’t yummy). I thought it had a good coffee taste, but the artificial sweetener was a little too obvious for me (yet somehow the bar was also a little bitter?). Again, this product had a good amount of protein, and it would make a great snack/treat on-the-go. A way healthier alternative to a Starbucks drink, that’s for sure.

Retail Value: $4.22


Our favorite items:

My mom said the Garlic spread, chocolate bar, and coffee were her favoritesif not just about all of them. I really liked the chocolate bar, seed crackers & garlic spread, and the pizza-flavored walnuts.

Our least favorite items:

My mom said the peanut butter cookies & sunflower seeds. Neither were items she would ever go for. Mine was the PB cookies. I wouldn’t waste the calories.

Here were our pros & cons for this month’s box:


-11 items.

-Taste was there for the majority of the products.

-There were a couple items we would consider buying.

-Mom thought this one was better than last month.


-I was a little annoyed at the repeat items: pork rinds, meat sticks, etc.

-Also the generic items seemed like a bit of a rip-off, like the pistachios. They didn’t add to the keto experience.

-Still wouldn’t mind more variety. There was some here, but it was very heavy on the savory snacks & nuts. I guess that’s not too surprising though.


Have you tried The Keto Box yet? It’s been a fun experience for us! Maybe still a bit pricey… but realistically, any pricier than going out for a meal? Nah…

Hope you are all enjoying fall!

Until next time...

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