The Keto Box Review | November 2020

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I wasn't sure if I was going to post another unboxing for The Keto Box because, well, writing posts is frankly a lot of work sometimes. But I came up with a new method to this process: write as I go! So this time, as we unboxed everything, my fingers clicked, clicked, clicked away. (Finger workoutheck yeah!).

Plus we had a special guest this month: my mom's long-time friend, Joe! He visited and was staying with us, so he got to sample everything and give his input too.

Without further ado, let's dive in.

1. Proudly Pure's Parmesan Crisps

The Keto Box sure loves their cheesy snacks. Mom says she liked these more than the average crisps because they are thinner and flakier. They had a rich cheese flavor. If you put a plate of these out at a party, they would go fast. Yum!!

MUCH better than the Proudly Pure peanut butter cookies we got last month.

Retail Value: $4.99

2. Smart Baking Company's Chocolate Smart Cake

These grew on me. The packaging of the individual "cup" cakes is very cute. When I sniffed it, the smell was a little off-putting to me, seemed a little fake. Mom & our special guest, Joe, said it smelled fine thoughthat they simply smelled of mild chocolate. Mom also said the texture was nice and fluffy!

These aren't very sweet or richmaybe a little dry even. But for having only 38 calories, these are pretty damn good! And if you have a fixing for chocolate, these would definitely help kick it. They remind me more of a healthy muffin than a cakebut a yummy healthy muffin! I would love this in the morning with my coffee. Plus the ingredients are top-notch.

Win in our book!

Retail Value: $3.50

3. Crazy Go Nut's Garlic Parmesan Walnuts