May Fashion | OOTW #1

Hello lovelies!

Let me start this off by saying that this post did NOT go as planned.

I was all set for my first Outfit of the Week post to be well-structured and organized and that, well, didn't happen...

I started off strong, but then life got in the wayas it does. I had to work, I was helping my father find a home to live in, I was helping my mom and brother move in with ME, and I got sick (not Covid-related). Welp.

So I come to you today with 5 looks. It's not the full 7 days (although many people DON'T do the full 7 days), and they certainly didn't happen in order. But they are outfit inspo nevertheless. 😊

Luckily, the weather has been GORGEOUS in Minnesota.

The running joke about MN is that there are two seasons: winter and construction. Which, albeit, is pretty darn true.

But wedged in-between those two "seasons," right around May time, we are usually blessed with a couple short weeks of blissful weathersunny, slightly breezy, temps between 55-70°. AKA perfect. There was a colder day or two, as well as a rainy day or two, but that's to be expected.

It's the kind of weather that allows for a wide variety of style. You could wear a dress one day and a sweater the next.


Day 1

I decided to wear a jumpsuit that day, but I couldn't decide on a jacket. I had to be choosey because too long of a jacket would've made this outfit look boxy. There WAS a jean jacket I could've worn, but I was feeling something more airy. So I tried something new.

I took a short, coral crop top and put it on OVER the jumpsuit. Then I tied the matching fabric belt, half tucking the top in. This was the result:

I LOVED the look.

The solid coral color against the striped bottoms is what made it work for me. It was such a suitable outfit for a sunny, lightly breezy day. I felt like I could've been on a Greek island wearing this outfit.

You can also see the earrings I paired with this outfit in the above and below pictures. I thought the feather was perfectit also went with the breezy look (I picture a feather drifting through the wind), and the stripes in the center of the feather matched the stripes of the jumpsuit.

(I bought these earrings, but I bet it wouldn't be too difficult to make your own... time for a DIY, maybe?).

Note: this outfit does have the potential to make you look wide at certain angles because of how airy it is. With that being said, almost any looser-fitting outfit can do that. I wouldn't let it stop you from wearing such a cute & comfortable combo, but it's something to note in case you're adamantly against looking wider than you are. :)