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May Fashion | OOTW #1

Hello lovelies!

Let me start this off by saying that this post did NOT go as planned.

I was all set for my first Outfit of the Week post to be well-structured and organized and that, well, didn't happen...

I started off strong, but then life got in the wayas it does. I had to work, I was helping my father find a home to live in, I was helping my mom and brother move in with ME, and I got sick (not Covid-related). Welp.

So I come to you today with 5 looks. It's not the full 7 days (although many people DON'T do the full 7 days), and they certainly didn't happen in order. But they are outfit inspo nevertheless. 😊

Luckily, the weather has been GORGEOUS in Minnesota.

The running joke about MN is that there are two seasons: winter and construction. Which, albeit, is pretty darn true.

But wedged in-between those two "seasons," right around May time, we are usually blessed with a couple short weeks of blissful weathersunny, slightly breezy, temps between 55-70°. AKA perfect. There was a colder day or two, as well as a rainy day or two, but that's to be expected.

It's the kind of weather that allows for a wide variety of style. You could wear a dress one day and a sweater the next.



Day 1

I decided to wear a jumpsuit that day, but I couldn't decide on a jacket. I had to be choosey because too long of a jacket would've made this outfit look boxy. There WAS a jean jacket I could've worn, but I was feeling something more airy. So I tried something new.

I took a short, coral crop top and put it on OVER the jumpsuit. Then I tied the matching fabric belt, half tucking the top in. This was the result:

I LOVED the look.

The solid coral color against the striped bottoms is what made it work for me. It was such a suitable outfit for a sunny, lightly breezy day. I felt like I could've been on a Greek island wearing this outfit.

You can also see the earrings I paired with this outfit in the above and below pictures. I thought the feather was perfectit also went with the breezy look (I picture a feather drifting through the wind), and the stripes in the center of the feather matched the stripes of the jumpsuit.

(I bought these earrings, but I bet it wouldn't be too difficult to make your own... time for a DIY, maybe?).

Note: this outfit does have the potential to make you look wide at certain angles because of how airy it is. With that being said, almost any looser-fitting outfit can do that. I wouldn't let it stop you from wearing such a cute & comfortable combo, but it's something to note in case you're adamantly against looking wider than you are. :)


Day 2

Day 2 was a sweater and jeans kind of day. Both of which I got at Walmart!

I purchased the jeans sometime within the last year or so, but the sweater was a recent STEAL at only $4 (woohoo clearance rack!). I actually talk about finding this sweater (and 4 others) in my April 2020 Monthly Faves post.

One of the reasons these two pieces tied together so well was the color coordination. The bright red and the medium-blue denim offset each other and work well together. Plus, there were lines of blue woven into the multi-colored plaid pattern of the sweater, and those lines matched the jeans.

Lastly, I paired this look with some solid red, thick hoop earrings. I don't remember where exactly I got themsome store in the Mall of America for CHEAPbut they have a coat of red paint on them, making them better for my sensitive ears. The red earrings worked so well with the red sweater!


Day 3

So far I had done the light & airy look, the casual sweater-weather look, and today was the edgier look. (Granted, it's a light attempt at "edgy").

It was a little chillier that day, so I paired a long-sleeved, azure-blue shirt with this fun, sleeveless, hooded denim jacket. My hair was due for a shower that I didn't take, so it went up and was accented with this grey, twisted cloth headband (Walmart find again! Only $3).

I added a simple pair of circular rhinestone earrings to compliment everything without detracting away from the look, which gave the whole apperance somewhat of a "girlier" edgy vibe.

This picture showcased the leggings and combat boots I wore. (Will you sigh if I point out I got those boots from Walmart too? I LOVE them!).


Day 4

I love black. It's such a versatile, slimming, seductive color. I know I'm not alone in this!

I had to work today, which meant I had to wear all black (although during Covid, the rules have been MUCH more laid back). My logic behind today was that I could utilize this opportunity to show the world how anyone can make an all-black outfit work. There's nothing boring about it!

The key is the accessories!

You must pick a color (in this case, gold) and stay consistent with it in all your pieces!)

First the shoes...

I paired this long-sleeve, chunky, knit black turtleneck with some black leggings (that have a sort of mock, faux-leather appearance on the sides), and I finished them off with this lovely pair of booties.

They're a little more grey in color, but they've got this great dull-shininess from the faux leather, and though you can't see it, the real kicker here (get it?? shoes?) is that they have a golden plate on the heels. You can't see it well in the pictures unfortunately, but when paired with the other gold jewelry, it makes the look so complete, down to the fine details!

You can see the accessories better in this picture.

I got the earrings at the same store I got the red hoops from look #2, and I simply ADORE them. They go well with so many things, and though they may be a little more mustard yellow than actual gold, they are so striking against a solid dark color like black.

The watch is an Invicta watch, given as an overly-generous gift to me for Christmas from Thomas's parents. I rolled up the sleeves of the turtleneck so that the watch could stand out even more (plus it goes well with the folded look of the neck).

Lastly, I think the best way to wear your hair with a turtleneck is up! Show off the neck part! Otherwise, you might as well just wear a normal sweater with your hair down.


Day 5

Today was a weird day. I wanted to get dressed up a little, but I didn't really have the time, nor did I have anywhere to go besides a tutoring session in the morning.

The result??

Color-wise, this was an unusual combo for me. I would normally pair the teal blouse (I'm not even sure what exact shade I'd categorize it as!) with blackperhaps a black pencil skirt or dress pants. And I'd normally pair the denim-colored blue skirt with a white or cream top. Something in me decided to wear them together, though!

Material-wise, this was ALSO an unusual combo. The shirt was satin, and the skirt was more of a cotton-poly blend. The shirt screams classy & professional (yet maybe somewhat summery?), while the skirt definitely screams casual-elegant summery. Don't ask me.

I don't know, I liked it. It seemed elegant, yet playful. Take that as you will!


Which look was YOUR favorite?? Comment below!

If I had to pick, I'd go with the first. I just loved that look.

Hopefully in my future OOTWs, I'll be a little more timely & organized. For now, though, I hope you enjoyed this lookbook!

Stay well and safe everyone.

Until next time...

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