My Top 10 Favorite Country Songs of All Time

I have a confession.

I hated country music until the end of 2017.

Like, practically despised it, besides a song or two. Then I listened to one of the songs on this list, and reconnected with a friend who was a huge country fan, and I learned to love the genre. I know these are all very recent country songs (since 2010).

I don't want to offend any die-hard country fans who have been listening to the genre for decades and are appalled at my modern selections. If you are one of those people, I get it—I'd feel pretty disgraced too if I were there for some of the ORIGINAL country artists and now witnessed their due credit vanish into thin air.

I supposeeee it's like when kids nowadays talk about the best Disney songs, and all I want to do is scream, "NO! YOU DON'T KNOW DISNEY! You didn't listen to all the High School Musical and Hannah Montana songs that I did!"

Going back to the country music, though, in my defense, I AM young. I didn't grow up with Kenny Chesney or Billy Ray Cyrus (well, except as Miley Cyrus's dad, of course!).

I'm still not crazy for country music that's EXTRA country... if that makes sense. You know—with the heavy banjos and super strong twang, songs that only talk about boots and beer. I have a special term for it: "hickory dickory dock" music. Don't ask me. That's just what I've always called it, and it stuck. Ask my friends.

Soooo maybe I'm a little biased, but this is my selection of the top 10 country songs of this decade, and of all time. Each of these songs hits me right in the feels. Enjoy!

P.S. There's no order.

1. "I Hope You're Happy Now" - Carly Pearce & Lee Brice

This is my newest addition. I'm not exaggerating when I say I listened to it at least 25-50 times one day. I was merciless with that replay button. I memorized all the lyrics that day, too.

Carly's voice is just so clean and buttery. And, oh man, when Lee Brice sings, "I'm a wreck. I'm a mess..." It breaks my soul, in the best of ways. I love it.

The music video is fantastic, too!

2. "I Hate This" - Tenille Arts

I first heard this song while watching Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. He was dancing to it at a live concert with a contestant named Elyse. I was kind of sad she left shortly after! :(

Right when it began, I was transfixed on the screen, mouth open. It's kind of hard to explain, but I connected with it instantaneously—especially that chorus, man. Once I collected my wits, I scrambled to open Shazam, so I could record the name of the song. As though I couldn't have just looked it up later.

I love the way the chorus builds higher and higher, and the resulting effect it has to your emotions.