May 2020 | Monthly Faves

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My people. Life gets more insane by the day.

I live in Minnesota, where rioting after the murder of George Floyd took place. His death was extremely tragic and unjust. I know the protests have spread to other cities across the U.S., and even other countries, so you probably are already aware of this news.

Just when you think you've processed all the news about Covid, this curve-ball gets thrown into the mix...

I won't talk about it too much here. I did make a Facebook post on my page discussing why, and how everything is affecting my blogging life.

The Cliffnotes version: I am still going to be posting as frequently as possible, but please have patience with me if my posts aren't very adventurous or if I do not post with the regularity I originally aimed for. I'll do my best! ❤️

Moving on to brighter things... I come to you today with my third Monthly Faves post, this time for the month of May! (Probably the only constant thing in my life, haha).

I skipped quite a few categories this month because, frankly, there was nothing that stood out for them. I don't want to sit here and make up answers just to fill in the blanks.

Instead, I'm thinking to make a post including different short clips that represent my life in May. I feel that would more accurately depict the big and small events that stood out for me this past month than falsifying answers here would.

ANYWAY, everything below does represent things I enjoyed in the month of May and would recommend to you. Happy reading!!

1. TV SHOW: Emmymade

This month's TV show selection is not actual television. The only show I've been watching is Arrow, and though I think it's very entertaining, I wouldn't say I enjoyed the seasons I covered in May (3 and 4 I think?) more than the first two. Plus, I like The Flash more. 🤷‍♀️

What I have been watching a lot⁠—like every day when a new video comes out⁠—is Emmymade. She is the cutest, most articulate gal who tries the coolest and weirdest recipes, gadgets, etc. You could consider her videos short "episodes" (less than 10 minutes) if you will!

She is on YouTube, named emmymadeinjapan. But I've been watching her on Facebook, at emmymade.

Whether or not the culinary world is your "thing," I think you'll enjoy these things about her:

  • her soothing voice

  • her bubbly personality