Life Update #2 | 1/23/2021

Happy New Year!

I didn't make any resolutions because, after 21 years, I've learned a secret: if you don't make resolutions, you can't disappoint yourself when you don't meet them. HA!

Just kidding... (kind of).

In actuality, I'm a huge supporter of setting goals. I cherish the idea of consistently trying to better one's self, even though it often coincides with the detrimental attitude of never being complacent with what one has. The thing is, even when one's goals don't pan out, the journey of trying for the sake of a happier and better life represents something very positive to me. The will to keep going, I'd say.

So I guess maybe I do have an inherent resolution—the same resolution that always exists within me. To keep on keeping on, to reach for my goals even when there are setbacks. Instead of creating concrete goals (ex: earning "x" amount of money in "x" time, or losing "x" amount of weight), I'm going the abstract route this year. Plus, the best part about goals is that they can be set at any time! The concept that we can only create new resolutions at New Year's time is nothing short of a fallacy. :-)

Anyway, I've been pretty absent from my blog. I figured it would be a good time to update you on what's new, with the biggest thing being...

My Etsy Boom!

Let me just preface—when I say "boom," I definitely don't mean BOOM. I didn't get a thousand orders or anything. Thank God, because IDK how I would've even managed that! But even with my 30+ sales, all within the span of a few weeks, I was totally overwhelmed—in a good way!

Around the Christmas holiday, I got an influx of orders on one of my listings on Etsy, my photo on wood. I didn't quite expect it, mostly because I'm a new shop, and orders were only trickling in prior to this point. I guess I should've accounted for the fact that we're in a pandemic, so most people do their shopping online.

The funny part is that I only have 2 items in my whole shop, which is another reason I didn't expect much. I was gradually trying to create new listings when I got hit with the "boom," which put a halt in my production of new items. I guess that goes to show that quantity < quality.

The hardest part was keeping stocked with the materials I needed. Because I get a lot of my supplies from craft stores and love to use coupons to get the best deals, buying in bulk wasn't ideal. However, that's what I had to do for some of my materials if I wanted to get my orders out in time, which was a top priority. Let's just say, we did a LOT of driving around to Hobby Lobby's in December.

Overall, while it kept me VERY busy and at least moderately stressed, it was such a fun experience! I learned a lot. I ran into quite a few issues along the way too: running out of printer ink, my checkout system becoming unavailable to customers (ended up being because I needed to update my driver's license on Etsysilly), customers' photos not being the right dimensions for the project, my transfer papers doing this weird peel thing (thereby making them unusable), etc. However, these were all such valuable—albeit frustrating—issues to encounter because they taught me what to do in such situations, and I discovered new techniques to make my work even better.

Not to mention, it brought in a little profit, though it wasn't about the money for me—at least not this time around. It was about the experience, the customers' satisfaction, and the increase in shop credibility. I was a hermit for a few weeks, which is why you didn't hear much from me in December, but I wouldn't trade my little "boom" for anything.

Now that the holidays have died down, I'm back to the slow trickle of orders, which is good. This gives me time to create new items and write on here more!!

BT DUBSif you are interested in purchasing anything in my shop, use the coupon code BLOG25 for 25% off! Valid until March 31st.