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Farrah's Finds #1: Marshall's

It's no secret that I love Marshall's.

There's usually a war between style & affordability. Some places have the CUTEST clothes, but shopping trips to these stores can only be few and far between because they sure dent the wallet. On the other hand, you could go to bargain and thrift stores, like Goodwill—which I am NOT bashing because that's my second home—but they're often hit-or-miss. When you walk into a Marshall's, or any store owned by the TJX company, you're LUCKY to walk out of there empty-handed. Everything is both cute AND affordable.

So yeah, I went on a mini shopping spree with one of my best friends, Camille. I kept it under $100, so that's a win in my book!

1. Tattered Sweater - $12

I've been looking for a sweater like this and found one I like! The tattered look has been very in. I actually wouldn't have minded if it were even more tattered, but it fits the bill and is hecka cute. Perfect for spring, I thought. It's a little see-through in certain lights, but you could choose to wear a bralette or a tank top underneath if you so choose!

2. Sherpa Cardigan - $16

I'm usually not a fan of the sherpa/fleece material. It's cozy, sure, but it tends to catch on my hands and makes me cringe. It's similar to that undesirable nails-on-a-chalkboard feeling. It depends on the exact clothing piece, though, because this cardigan has been nothing short of comfortable. I've been hoping to find, well, exactly this! A fuzzy sherpa cardigan. Though I don't know if I can even call it that—it almost looks like a coat. (Thomas say's it looks like a bathrobe 🙄). Maybe that's a good thing 'cause I can wear it both around the house as loungewear, or out as public-wear.

Oh, and despite what Thomas said, he loves it too. 😂

3. Shawl Collar Cardigan - $20

Again, not sure if this is more of a cardigan or a coat. But as you can tell, what really stands out about this piece is that large shawl collar. I mean it's HUGE. I saw it on the shelf and said, This is unusual... I must have it! It reminds me of a comforter around my neck—in a more flattering way, hopefully. 😅 Both Thomas and Camille said they liked this piece a lot too.

4. Laundry Basket - $14.99

We needed another laundry basket because our cat has been getting to ours for far too long. Val apparently thinks it's a second scratching post (along with our bed's box spring... NOT cool). She's such a diva.

This one is cute, simple, and straightforward. It says, "WASH your damn clothes, Farrah!" It's a little small, but perhaps that'll force us to do our laundry more often. (Either a very smart or very dumb move. We'll see!)

5. Argan Magic Conditioner - $9.99

If it were up to my hair stylist, I would only buy salon-grade products. Those are generally going to be best for the health of your hair. However, that can easily cost $50 every two months or so, which isn't TERRIBLE, but it sure adds up. Plus, the longer my hair, the more I have to use.

For years, I used brands like TRESemmé for my shampoos and conditioners. Yikes! I mean, I'm not going to say I didn't like my hair when using them—it was usually shiny and at least healthy-seeming. But I eventually learned about how damaging ingredients like sulfates and parabens can be to the integrity of one's hair, ESPECIALLY for someone like me who has been dying their hair for years. So now, my general rule of thumb is to search for hair products that don't contain those harmful chemicals.

I saw this and thought it seemed to be a good option! Relatively inexpensive too, at only $10 a bottle. I researched more about it after purchasing, and some people seem to think it's a Holy Grail product! I guess I'll have to try it out and let you know.


That's it. See—I didn't break the bank this time! *Pats self on the back.* $72.98 for these 5 items. Not too shabby, especially since 3 were on sale. Plus I really like my purchases.

The only thing I wish I could do is offer links to these items. I've looked high and low, but I cannot find them on the Marshall's website. I've noticed Marshall's has a limited online inventory, so I assume that's why. If anything jumped out at you from this post, go check your local Marshall's out! Even if you don't find it, I'm sure you'll walk out of there with something cute.

Until next time...

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