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Boxycharm Unboxing | February 2021

What's a little crazy to me is that I've only done one other Boxycharm unboxing on this blog. In my mind, I've done many more. I guess it's because I've received a Boxycharm every month since my last unboxing in July of 2020seems like forever ago! I didn't unsubscribe; I just haven't dedicated the time to making more of these posts.

Well, what better time to change that than February, for our Valentine's-themed box?!

One change I'm making to the style of these posts is that I'm strictly unboxingno try-ons or first impressions yet. Keep this in mind with anything I say, as I have not yet used the products or formed concrete opinions. I just know it's too time consuming for me to review 5 products every month, along with other posts I want to do. Instead, I'll dedicate these unboxings to show you everything included each month, and I'll plan on creating separate posts where I try everything on and give the products my final thoughts. I need to increase my volume & production of posts anyway.

Here's the product card for everything in this month's box!

Oh, we also had a special guest stick her head into my photoshoot! She's too cute to get mad at... *heart eyes*


1. Brow Bar by Rema | Bombshell Brow Kit $40

When it comes to eyeshadow, lipsI'm pretty flexible! I love to try new colors and designs. When it comes to my eyebrows, though, I'm a stickler to my routine. I won't even try to pretend otherwise!

Therefore, I wasn't overly excited to receive this first product because I figured, When will I even use it? However, Boxycharm is all about trying new things!

It comes with a highlight color to make the browbone pop, a lighter brown cream pigment, a darker brown shadow, and a black shadow (which definitely isn't going on MY eyebrows!). It also comes with a pair of golden tweezers (cool!), a spoolie (I think we all have enough of those), and a brown pencil.

Aside from the cream pigment and tweezers, I'm more likely to use everything else for eyeshadow. Would I go out of my way to buy this product? That's a hard no. For others who are looking to build their eyebrow collection, this could be very useful!

2. Tula Skincare | So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub $32

The only acne I struggle with are blackheads. If I were to request an ideal skincare product to receive, this would be it!

My only frustration with this product lies in the fact that I requested the "mostly makeup, little skincare" option in the beauty quiz every Charmer can take to make the boxes more customizable to their preferences, YET I STILL RECEIVE SO MUCH SKINCARE! I guess receiving one skincare product every box or so counts as "little," BUT I'M DROWNING IN THEM!

I swear, because I've been doing the beauty subscription thing for many-a years, my collection of skincare products could probably last me a lifetime. (Might be exaggerating, but you get the point). It would be nice if they gave you an option for no skincare products. Maybe this scrub will work so well that one day, I'll be writing a review about all its glory. But until it makes it out of the product pile in my bathroom cabinet, we'll never know!

3. The Beauty Crop | Coco Gold Mist $14.99

I like the idea of this. I do feel it's more of a summer product than a winter one, but I could also see people wanting well-set makeup and a gold, shimmery glow for Valentine's Day. No complaints here. I definitely plan on using this!

4. Glamierre | Pink Luxe Glitter Eyebrow Collection $29.95

Out of all the products in this box, this one definitely screams Valentine's Day. Tell me the handles on these brushes aren't cute! The hearts in the gel/liquid move around, and it's kind of mesmerizing to watch.

Now in terms of the brushes themselves, they're not impressive in size nor shape. I have many like them and don't necessarily see myself reaching for these specifically. I keep the "brushes & tools" box checked on the beauty quiz because I'm either hoping for other types of brushes, such as face brushes, or for other useful or innovative beauty tools, such as eyelash curlers and epilators and sponges. Yet, every month, I keep receiving more and more eyeshadow brushes. If you could see my collection...

5. Evio Beauty | Pore-fect Primer $23

Finally, the beauty quiz is coming in clutch because I did specify I like matte skin products. As much as I love that supple, dewy glow, if I start my day off with it, I'll be an oily mess by the end of it! I prefer to start with a matte finish, and then my natural oils come out during the day to give me that radiant end-look.

So yes, I'm happy to receive this!


Final thoughts and closing notes? I've got a few...

  • When I first opened the box, my opinions were HARSH. I couldn't refrain from making comments. "Ugh, more skincare? I have a whole shelf-full." "More eyeshadow brushes? They've sent me some for the past 3 months!" "I don't really need any of this. What a dud-box." If that negativity didn't come across in this post, it's because I had to go back through and rewrite some areas, giving these productsand Boxycharm as a wholemore of a chance.

  • The primary cause of my frustrations is the longevity of my subscription with Boxycharm. I sometimes forget that, as a subscription service, they can only change things up SO much every month. It's inevitable that I will be receiving similar types of products from time to time. I had to remind myself that, to a newer subscriber, these could be fantastic products! And that just because I receive repeat types of products doesn't mean they aren't still good products worth using. Furthermore, just because I take their beauty quiz to make the boxes more geared to my personal preferences, it doesn't mean they can always follow it to a T.

  • The retail value of the box totaled up to $140! Comparatively speaking, that's actually on the lower end (they advertise up to a $210 value). Objectively speaking, though, I still received over 5x in value what I spent (and Boxycharm always comes with free shipping), so I certainly can't complain!

  • Back in July of 2020, I talked about the Charm Room, where you can spend charms you've received for writing product reviews on REAL items. I didn't realize that they've changed the way this works. Apparently, when BoxyPopUpa section of the website where they offer products at MASSIVE discountsis open, the Charm Room is closed. I just wanted to introduce this new information. Or rather, it was new information to me. The subscription service fee is worth it ALONE if you're a makeup lover and utilize the PopUp room to order new products! Check some of these deals out...

  • You can also now choose one item that goes into your box each month. I've noticed an increasing number of subscription services offer or change to this, and I think it's because people love the sense of control it offers in an otherwise blind (but fun!) subscription service. It's like knowing you're getting your money's worth because you had a say in the matter.

If you decide you'd like to subscribe to Boxycharm, please click me! By doing so, I get referral charms that I can spend. Or you can use the CODE "Farra-QRPZTPEG" at checkout.

I think that's all! I hope you enjoyed this unboxing. Stay tuned for future posts where I try the products.

Until next time...

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