Boxycharm Unboxing | February 2021

What's a little crazy to me is that I've only done one other Boxycharm unboxing on this blog. In my mind, I've done many more. I guess it's because I've received a Boxycharm every month since my last unboxing in July of 2020seems like forever ago! I didn't unsubscribe; I just haven't dedicated the time to making more of these posts.

Well, what better time to change that than February, for our Valentine's-themed box?!

One change I'm making to the style of these posts is that I'm strictly unboxingno try-ons or first impressions yet. Keep this in mind with anything I say, as I have not yet used the products or formed concrete opinions. I just know it's too time consuming for me to review 5 products every month, along with other posts I want to do. Instead, I'll dedicate these unboxings to show you everything included each month, and I'll plan on creating separate posts where I try everything on and give the products my final thoughts. I need to increase my volume & production of posts anyway.

Here's the product card for everything in this month's box!

Oh, we also had a special guest stick her head into my photoshoot! She's too cute to get mad at... *heart eyes*

1. Brow Bar by Rema | Bombshell Brow Kit $40

When it comes to eyeshadow, lipsI'm pretty flexible! I love to try new colors and designs. When it comes to my eyebrows, though, I'm a stickler to my routine. I won't even try to pretend otherwise!

Therefore, I wasn't overly excited to receive this first product because I figured, When will I even use it? However, Boxycharm is all about trying new things!

It comes with a highlight color to make the browbone pop, a lighter brown cream pigment, a darker brown shadow, and a black shadow (which definitely isn't going on MY eyebrows!). It also comes with a pair of golden tweezers (cool!), a spoolie (I think we all have enough of those), and a brown pencil.

Aside from the cream pigment and tweezers, I'm more likely to use everything else for eyeshadow. Would I go out of my way to buy this product? That's a hard no. For others who are looking to build their eyebrow collection, this could be very useful!

2. Tula Skincare | So Poreless Deep Exfoliating Blackhead Scrub $32