April 2020 | Monthly Faves

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Hey friends!

Crazy to think that another month of the Covid-19 pandemic has just passed.

It was a quicker month for me. Probably because I'm considered an "essential worker" at my restaurant job, so I've stayed very busy.

I'm back at it again with another Monthly Faves. Here we go...

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1. TV SHOW: Schitt's Creek

I have to thank my old coworker, Ryan, for this recommendation. He shared a video on Facebook from a scene of season 5 of Schitt's Creek, and I thought it was so funny and cringey that I just HAD to know what show it was from. (I would soon find out that the charm of this show lies in all its wonderful, cringey moments). Ryan promised that if I watched it, I wouldn't regret it.

MAN, he was so right.

Schitt's Creek is a show about a wealthy, high-maintenance family that loses everything and is forced to move to a small town the father of the family once bought as a JOKE for his son. You witness them struggle to adapt to their surroundings and all the little drama that occurs in their lives.

I haven't seen season 6 yet because it's not on Netflix until October 2020. I may just have to suck it up and purchase the season online; I don't want to wait 6 more months!

There is no nudity, but there is the occasional swear word and sex reference, so I'd recommend either being 16+ if you're going to watch it alone, or have your parent's permission if you're under 16.

I'm thinking to post a more in-depth review of the show soon!

2. Song: "Last Time I Say Sorry" - Kane Brown & John Legend