Answering Your Questions :)

How was your turkey day? What are you thankful for this year? Did anyone do any Black Friday shopping? Have we already moved onto Christmas festivities?

Questions, questions, questions...

This year, I’m thankful for:

  • My relationship with God, and how I’ve been more consistent than ever with praying.

  • My health, especially during times of a pandemic.

  • Finally taking the plunge and starting my blog. Getting my first sale on Etsy.

  • Buying a townhome with Thomas.

  • Feeling stronger than ever about my relationships with my friends.

  • Being financially comfortable.

  • Helping my dad find a place to live that improves his happiness and overall well-being.

  • Getting to live with my brother and mother again and spend time with them.

  • My cat. She’s my baby. 🐱

I asked you guys to send me questions you would like me to answer, and in return, I would post a link to your business (if you have one). I feel that it’s important, now more than ever, to support our small businesses, make connections, and spread kindness.

I got some fantastic questions—a good mix of fun and thoughtful. So here we go...

What has been your PRIMARY inspiration to create your blog? Like at what point did you go "I am finally going to just do it and see how it goes?"

There is a little bit of history that goes along with answering this question.

I first knew I wanted to be an influencer around the age of 10. This is when a lot of the early beauty gurus on YouTube, such as Elle & Blair Fowler, Michelle Phan, Ingrid Nilsen, Marlena Stell, Fleur Bell, and Gigi Gorgeous, were getting established. I knew when I watched hours of their videos that I would someday want to influence too. I even made some cringe-worthy videos copying them.

It was closer to the age of 17 that I decided to start with a blog. I had done a ton of research about blogging and knew I liked to write. However, I always gave up on it—frankly, before I ever really started. I got lost at the web design part and never prioritized it, even though it was something I wanted and envisioned for my future.

However, to answer your question, the point I finally decided “I’m just going to do it and see how it goes” was when YOU created your business. You were so driven—more than I had ever seen in anyone. You clearly had a dream, a goal, and you put hours into achieving it. I knew that, if I truly wanted something, I needed to put in the time and effort. It wouldn’t happen magically. Plus, knowing you could help me get over the initial hump of web design was extremely helpful too. You’re still my primary source of inspiration and the one I go to when I need help with my business. I can genuinely say I wouldn’t have done this without you.

Sent by Thomas Kirschbaum (aka my boyfriend)

Owner of Smart Cloud LLC

a tech support business