8 Random Facts About Me

I love tags like these. Don’t ask me why getting to know a stranger on the internet can be so fun, but it just is.

For those of you who would like to get to know me better as a person, I’ve spent a few hours compiling a list of 8 random, probably frivolous, facts about me. I tried to get a good variety in there.

With each fact, I also included a corresponding question that you can answer, too. I love learning about my audience!

1. I was once the dresser from Beauty and the Beast in a school play.

In middle school, I was in two plays: “Guys and Dolls” in 7th grade, and “Beauty and the Beast” in 8th. I absolutely loved acting, and I still wonder if some day I might do more acting in some shape or form. It was one of my favorite activities ever.

Anyway, I played that large wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast named Madame de la Grande Bouche. You know, this one?

The costume was quite large and boxy, and I had to wear this long, pointed “hat” on my head that looked like a Bugle—but hey, someone had to do it!

The best scene was when I chased someone from Gaston’s crew off the stage while flailing open my dresser doors and singing “Aaaaaaa!” (in a very PG attempt at mock-flashing him). The crowd went wild…

but then again, most of them were our parents.

What’s the craziest character you’ve ever played in a musical?

2. I make a mean ramen.

My secret isn’t even that special, but for some reason, it turns out SO GOOD. I try to eat healthy, but ramen is certainly my guilty pleasure… and that’s something I don't think will be changing any time soon.

Wanna know the trick?

  1. Get Creamy Chicken Maruchan ramen. I can’t speak for any others; this is my go-to.

  2. Boil it