10 Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective

1. "Sometimes the grass is greener because it's fake."

We live in an age where it is all too easy to flaunt the best snippets of our lives and conceal the bad ones from people. Take social media, for example.

We all have those friends who appear to have such glossy lives. They're happy and healthy and living it up! Why can't our lives be as simple and carefree as theirs, right?

WRONG. While some people may go through less than others, everyone deals with drama, pains, and struggles.

Sometimes, the reason their grass looks so green is because it's fake; you don't see all that's rotting underneath the surface.

Even if the grass IS real on their sidewhat good does expending energy by feeling jealous bring to you? Use that time to water your OWN grass.

2. "When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." -Alexander Den Heijer

I talked a lot about this in one of my previous posts, How Your Environment Can Influence Your Success.

Environment is everything.

If we plant a seed and it doesn't grow, do we blame the seed for not fulfilling its job? Or do we get frustrated with ourselves for not giving it what's necessary for its growth?

Apply this to humans. If you are not reaching your full potential, don't direct your anger at yourself. Don't consider yourself "broken," in need of fixing.

Simply remove yourself from the environment that is not conducive to your success and try a different one.

3. "Some things break your heart but fix your vision."

This one can be a tough pill to swallow.

There are some things we need to experiencesome losses we need to suffer throughin order to correct our vision.

This is especially relevant in toxic rel