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Flower Arrangement 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Flower Arrangement 4
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Q: What school did you graduate from?

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing from Metropolitan State University. Before that, I received an Associates of Arts degree from Saint Paul College (for my generals).

Q: Why are you a blogger?

The short answer is that I love reaching other people and being an influential voice. I also wanted to be the boss of my own business and have complete control over my schedule.

For the long answer, click here.

Q: Why is your blog so floral?

My blog revolves around the art in our everyday lives, and nature is such a beautiful representation of this. Flowers symbolize art, beauty, change, and diversity. So I found a way to fit them into my theme.

Plus, they're just pretty. 

Q: Will you feature me/my business?

The best way to know if I am willing to advertise the works or products of others is to email me at


Note: I will always give my 100% honest review on something, whether in your favor or not. Please bear this is mind when soliciting reviews from me.

Q: What do you do for work outside of your blog?

At the moment, I do three part-time jobs outside of this:

  • I have worked at Olive Garden for over three years, mostly serving. 

  • I drive a man with autism to and from activities as his "personal assistant."

  • I tutor two boys twice a week each in English.

My goal, though, is to get to the point where I no longer do any of these jobs and solely work on my blog!

Q: Do you accept guest posts?

I am not accepting any outside guest posts for "From Farrah" at this time (except from anyone I personally seek out).

Q: What kind of camera do you use?

Photos are mostly taken on my Canon Rebel T3I (it's definitely not the newest on the market, but it does the job!), or one of our phones. I have the iPhone 11 and Thomas has the Galaxy 10 (I think?).

Q: Will you ever branch out beyond blogging?

That is the hope! Some of my further aspirations include creating a YouTube channel, writing a book, and selling hand-made items (jewelry, gifts, etc.).

Q: Why was my comment removed?

The comments section of each post is meant to be a safe place to share thoughts. I have no problem with contrasting opinions--life would be boring if we all thought the same--but I do have an issue with downright rude or offensive comments. Almost anything can be worded politely.

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