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happy me ft. gum

About Me 

"I hope that someday when I am gone, someone, somewhere, picks my soul up off these pages and thinks, 'I would have loved her.'" Nicole Lyons

Flower Arrangement 5

Hey everyone! It is awesome to meet you. My name is Farrah... Hopefully you guessed that already. 

I currently live in Minnesota, but I hopped around for much of my younger life. First I was born in Saudi Arabia, and then three years later my family moved to Florida. We moved back to Saudi Arabia six years later, and… yep. We moved BACK to the United States—this time to Minnesota, where my mom was from. Believe it or not, this is the SIMPLIFIED version. Yikes! The point is, I’ve been around some.

That being said, I haven’t actually traveled as much as I aspire to, but of the times that I have, I soaked in every blissful moment of it. There are few things—perhaps NOTHING—quite like travel to open your mind, introduce you to new ways, help reset your inner clock, reevaluate your priorities, and broaden your  horizons. My goal is to travel much more in the years to come, so long as finances permit, and I plan to take you along for those journeys.

young me.jpg

young me

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You know who else I plan to bring along? My boyfriend, Thomas. I live with this sucker… he’s stuck with me! In actuality, the story of how we came about is both a joyous, passionate, and heart-crippling one. I'll have to tell you about it later. He is a remarkable guy, truly. Life seems so EASY with him that I have dedicated my future to him. :-) You’ll be seeing him a lot.

Thomas and me

I am not always THIS happy of a person. And that is because I AM a person—a living, breathing, emotion-feeling human on the other side of your screen, not a robotic typing machine hoping to reel you in. I've got plenty of flaws. For example, I can be so insecure that it keeps me from striving for my dreams. That's one of the main reasons it has taken me years to work up the courage to create this blog. My hope is that my humanity and imperfections are something of comfort to you, that you can relate to me even more because of the fact that I am not without a past and flaws. There is nothing worse than someone—even someone online—whose soul you aren’t compatible with. This may seem a little deep for a blog, but that’s who I am.

Something else about me: I recently graduated from the local Metropolitan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. I didn’t pursue this degree because I plan to directly use it to find a job; rather, I chose it because nothing else called to me, so I figured if I were to get an education in something, it might as well be a field I already have a passion for.


my brother, Farris, and me 

(this was actually high school graduation, but I didn't have any college ones... oops)

Which is true. Since I was a kid, I’ve adored writing, whether that be journal entries, stories, or even essays. (Okay, well I may not have enjoyed most essays I’ve written, but I was good at them!). Granted, this kind of writing is drastically different from many other forms of creative writing, like poetry, fiction, and memoir, but it still allows me to let my creative mind out on page and my fingers clickety clackety away. I do someday hope to write my own novels and take the risk of sending in my short stories and poetry for publication. Perhaps this is another journey you can tag along for.


Along with this, I’ve also enjoyed a variety of other creative hobbies. For example, I make jewelry. This is another business I’m currently in the process of opening up. I love, love, love to sing! I’m not saying I’m the next American Idol, but I’ve been singing my whole life and was in choir and theater for a while in school. I also adore cooking, designing, music, and craft projects.


earrings I made

This brings me almost full circle to what the purpose of this site is: allowing our creative selves to bloom. Everything about art calls me, and I’m not sure why. Even though I got straight A’s in all math and science subjects in school, for some reason, this wasn’t enough for me. I couldn’t see myself being an accountant, a surgeon, or a historian. I can only see myself doing, or at least thoroughly and genuinely enjoying, a career in art—in some shape or form—and sharing that with the world. Sharing my love for makeup and fashion and beauty, my love for DIY projects and creating that Pinterest-perfect life. That’s just me. I could spend all day, and all my life, wondering why this is who I am—what made me who I am? OR, I could just embrace it.


I call all to let their creative selves bloom here. This is a safe place to be yourself and explore art. Hopefully I can serve as some sort of creative guide, even if solely in the form of a catalyst for your own ideas. I won’t be perfect. But I will be human.


Thanks for reading this About Me! 


This really is only the tip of the iceberg (yikes! A cliché from a writing major...). If you want to learn more, click around on this website! There’s lots to learn!

Other than that, thanks for swinging by!

Until next time...

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